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Motor Muscle Hybrid

"The motor is for me, and the muscles are for my girlfriend".


Notice that this bike is arm cranked, and this is a feature that creates a strong healthy ache free back, and strong lean arms, chest, shoulder, and abdomen. The action is very similar to the swimming that is recommended by doctors, but this exercise is chlorine free! Chlorine is a strong corrosive oxidizing agent. Corrosive to the lungs, skin and cardiovascular system. That corrosiveness is why it is a biocide that kills germs. As a biological entity, do you really want to swim in, or drink a biocide? For information on how to construct a two pound water filter, that removes chlorine, and fluoride, for only the inexpensive price of five dollars worth of bone charcoal, follow this link http://www.ebonex.com/ For constructing the filter itself, out of recycled water/coke bottles, click here DiyWaterFilter?.

For information on how to construct a two pound water filter, that removes chlorine, and fluoride, for only the inexpensive price of five dollars worth of bone charcoal, follow this link http://www.ebonex.com/ For constructing the filter itself, out of recycled water/coke bottles, click here DiyWaterFilter?.


Technical and artistic designs in wood, stone, clay, plastics, metals, liquids, gels, particles, minerals, cements, adhesives, colloids, films, plastics and foams including upcycled and locally sourced Materials.

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Electric Vehicle Design

Battery pack, cell managementsystems, and repair. Motor control and drive systems, cable routing, high flex power cords, vehicle frames, and parts.

Motor Muscle hybrid trike workhorse with a high power 24AH 24 volt lithium Phosphate battery pack, Kollmorgen motor, with pulse width modulated speed controller, and a chain drive. The batteries have a ten year lifespan, distance per charge is covers between city travel, and countryside treks.

High power lithium phosphate battery pack with 60 A123 Systems M1 cells. Three hundred and twelve strand count copper, high flex power cord. This high strand count break resistant cord is needed where power is connected to moving parts.

Kollmorgen pulse width controlled motor, with modified curry chain drive. This Kollmorgen motor is rated at 400 watts, and attains fast biking speeds with an assist of hand cranking, on this motor muscle trike.

Compression molded plastic battery pack parts, made with bamboo fiber reinforcement. Ventillation holes keep all of the battery cells at the same temperature.

Silicone compression casting mold for resin bamboo, battery headers. A mold making technique was devised so that an inexpensive sealant silicone could be used.

Health Devices

This lift and pour device, for lifting lifting and pouring sixty pounds of water. The bottle basket is lowered flush to the floor, by reverse cranking, and then the bottle slides into the basket with a push. HiddenEnergyCosts?

A silicone clay compression mold for a infrared therapeutic device. Early strength Illite clay, has a very low,short firing temperature, as is attained in a solar oven.

Wooden Vork. The vork is wide so that it can take on a good hearty salad mouthful. Narrow meat forks are a poor tool for salads.

Tools, Tooling, and Sharpening

Production Mold Making, Tools and machine parts made from metal, plastic, ceramic, wood or stone. Custom chisels and knives tools, Mirror finish knife sharpening, Cerium oxide polishing, Diamond honing. Beautiful natural, non toxic water stones for honing. Epoxy free, natural quartz, abrasive stones. Raw materials cut, ground, milled or treated. Metal, Ceramics, Plastics, Models, Molds, Jigs, and Production ergonomics.

Geopolymer marbled stone with an density increasing acid treatment, followed by polishing and then a molten melt soak of caranuba wax. An easily carved, drilled and sawed cast stone sign that I made, as a young man, and then weather tested for forty years! It is water, and frost resistant. The blotches are the moss that has grown on it.

Ceramic sealed stone is a glass glaze from a solar beam or flame melting. The soft stone can be cut and shaped without energy intensive diamond blades and the glazing makes a hard water and odor impervious surface. With this glaze stone houses can be built without that musty stone odor or damp mold problems. (pic pending summer sun solar beam photo shoot)

Machined hornfels are an ultra low fire ceramic, to replace medium and low fire ceramics, the energy savings are an order of magnitude. (pic) massive cohesive non flake shale. (Pic) Machined shale.

Low Carbon Footprint Art

Much of the artwork here is done in minerals that participate in the carbon cycle by sequestering carbon. They are an assist in our education of earth systems and how we can begin to interact with them for a enjoyable and healthier life. Portable natural stone fountains, Sculpted Bonsai and Bonkei stone planters. Scholar Stones. Garden signs, Bar relief cameo images and stone engravings. Supplies and artwork. Natural Pigments, Locally Sourced Stone sculpture. Tiles and mosaics from stone, slate, wood, recycled glass, metal and ceramics. Every pound of wood salvaged and saved from rotting into carbon dioxide by being made into durable goods keeps one half to eight tenths of a pound of carbon dioxide out of the air.

Cameo of oak leaf carved into a kind of stone called magnesite. The reddish color of the cameo was made by heat treatment with a solar lens. Magnesite is a part of the earths long term carbon sequestration cycle from mantle rocks that as they rise towards the surface combine with carbon dioxide and water, to form magnesite. MgCo3?

A castle direct hand carved from "pock" or "junk" discarded soapstone that had been tossed into the spoils pile of an old soapstone quarry. I never sold off this castle as it was undersized, and had a crack in it, and so instead of selling it like a thousand others that I made, I put it aside out in the weather, of rain sun and frost, for forty years. Some parts came off where the crack was, but the rest stayed intact. Direct carving of soft yet water insoluble stone types, can sometimes be done instead of burning things to make ceramics. Before there were ceramics, there were soapstone carved vessels, that even today, make better cooking vessels than ceramics, with a natural non stick surface, and good heat conductivity. For art or utility objects without the large carbon foot print of fired ceramics, contact Earth Systems Products.

Beautiful Stone Age Tools For Today

Our art is our life and technology. Is an approximate translation from native Bali culture. A natural honing stone. Synthetic honing stones are high temperature ceramics that require large energy inputs to create. This natural stone was collected by bike and then shaped flat by hand and so it has a very low embedded energy cost and it is a beautiful personal experience to use. This stone was ground flat with my muscles, powered by my locally grown food!

Grooved Sanding Stone

Have you noticed the price of sandpaper lately. This grooved sanding stone was selected for grains that will wear off slightly to expose new sharp grains and will last a lifetime. Sandpaper is a disposable product and part of the consumer society and has grains glued on with epoxy that will erode and might spread epoxy particles. Order your grinding (Eocene Whiskey Hill geothermal grit stone), pan polishing (pliocene chertshale), and tool honing stones (Selected radiolarian cherts) and I will hand pick choice ones, to your specifications and shape. ContactUs

The concept of what is jade has evolved over thousands of years. This sub crustal stone was one of the "dawn of history" kinds of jade. Originally jades were used as tools that were made of esthetically pleasing, and easy to shape, yet tough, materials. This unusually smooth type of antigorite, was in some places, one of the early "Jades"

Bowenite is antigorite, without opaque metal oxide particles, and is softer than Nephrite jade, yet tough enough to use as an axe or hoe, and easier to work into a smooth sharp edge. Great artworks of this material are accepted as an early jade, and are in some famous art collections where the subtle beauty is appreciated as much as the more recent hard "true" jades.

Nephrite jade Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2 was the most recent jade of the ancients, in the east, and in my opinion, has more variables of shades and patterns than the modern bright jadite jade. Colored glass, ceramics, and pigmented plastics, flat screen TV with vivid colors have made our eyes tune out to the subtle beauty of many subtle natural things, like nephrite jade. The electric bright but less subtle, jade of commerce today, can compete with the bright electric phosphor pixels of today, and it is a different mineral called jadeite. Chemical formula NaAl0?.9Fe3+0.1(Si2O6)

Nephrite jade due to micro fibers that were packed under high pressure, is the toughest rock ever known, and close to steel in strength. The inexpensive dull non gemmy nephrite might make some good engineering materials. Unlike metal, nephrite has a low heat conductance, and unlike common brittle ceramics they are micro fibrous and so are tough. Nephrite might be good for making small four stroke engine parts, where heat loss though metal parts is a problem.

Another view of this deep earth stone. Heavy things sink towards the center of the earth, and so this stone from the mantle, is full of iron and a magnet sticks to it. This mantle material sometimes makes its way from 15 kilometers down, by adhering to the bottom of sea floor crustal plate, and then gets scraped off onto the continental surface when it collides with the floating granite of the continent. The area where this stone is from, forms a magnetic and gravity anomaly, as can be seen on geologic maps, or with a compass, in the field.

A common type of sub crustal serpentine. The natural sculptural bullet shape is due to the way that it was rubbed into a upward mobile tadpole shape as it was squeezed up from the mantle along a fault zone. When the stone rose to the seabed and came in contact with water and dissolved atmospheric gasses the metals reacted. Dissolved carbon dioxide in the water reacted with the metallic peridotite and made serpentine and magnesite (MgCo3?) to help perform natures long term sequestration of excess carbon dioxide.


For information on how to construct a two pound water filter, that removes chlorine, and fluoride, for only the inexpensive price of five dollars worth of bone charcoal, follow this link http://www.ebonex.com/ For constructing the filter itself, out of recycled water/coke bottles, click here DiyWaterFilter?.

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