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Research leads from previous materials science experiments that will need partners for any further development.

anti viral stone age herb diet is anti cancer

the most potent anti fungal recipe

electrospray, nano particles of zinc oxide, zeolite surface films. Electrospinning nano fibers for filters electrospinning freeze. Magnapulser peridontal disease Bob Beck

air particulates detector, Nephilizer geo-biological toxics clay mediated breakdown removes polycylic musks and other hydrocarbons from sensitive electro-mechanical of fabric items. Removes odors from clean room motors including the dificult to clean motor windings.

Geo-electric capacitance cleaning polycyclic hydrocarbon. Removes hydrocarbon contaminants from fabrics. Crystal growth.

Capacitance electrospray and spinning.

Geopolymers organic acid mineral zeolites

Geopolymer carbon sequesteration.

Heavy metal removal magnetite electromagnetic manipulations.

Electronic smectite exfoliation.

Clay purification and deodorizing.

acid stone cutting

waste water treatment drug removal and breakdown.

social systems for rapid social adaptation.

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