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Grow a Few Herbs, and Become Exceptionally Healthy

Why do we have so much cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity today in our modern world? Can an individual be more healthy than average? Are drugs really a routine necessity for most of the population? Is there another reality?

Olive leaf, ginkgo, oregano tea, and red pine bark, tea are exceptional antioxidants. Pine bark tea is much like the health value of red wine, but with zero calories, no alcohol, and is more affordable than wine. The pale tea is olive leaf tea with a higher anti oxidant value than blue berries.

Our bodies crave the unusual and necessary nutrients that are in herbs, and we evolved to use those nutrients for the millions of years that we biochemically co evolved with those plants as foraging beings. When we do not get these nutrients, then we acquire cravings that prompt us to eat whatever fatty stuff is available, and then get fat. One of the most common plant nutrients in herbs are the Flavonoid phyto nutrients, of which there are over 40,000 kinds. Flavonoids have the tangy flavor and mouth feel that soft drinks mimic. Soft drinks simply use the acidity and bubblyness of cheap carbon dioxide, to crate tang and mouth feel of flavonoids but have absolutely no nutritive value, and so soft drinks are a counterfeit of flavonoid herbs.

Whenever I feel an urge to snack for no good reason, I just drink some of these herbal teas, and then the craving goes away. Here is some evidence. Could this be the smooth skin and flat belly of a 58 year old male? Yes! it is me at 58 years!

Herbal Belly

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Archeological evidence shows that humans grazed on herbal greens, while hunting for game, and that the hunt often took three days of running, or trotting.

While a lean healthy human cannot outrun game in the moment, we humans do have a uniquely efficient gait, and metabolism, that allows us to out trot over a period of days, a herd of any type of four legged grazing animal. Herbivores on the other hand, must constantly be eating their low calorie food, and so if they are forced to be on the move, instead of eating, they become exhausted, and unable to sprint any longer. Then the hunters move in for the kill, with rocks, spears or arrows.

Herbal Snacking

Fennel Plant

So downing meat was an energy boost to the runner, but the bulk of the food eaten, was the herbal shoots, that they easily grabbed by hand to mouth while running. Here is the evidence. Ten thousand year old Coprolites (fossil excrement) found in several dry caves in various location around the world, have been fractionated, and weighed, to show that the bulk of the stool is composed of herbs, such as fennel.

Herbs!! Today we do not even consider such things to be serious food, and now research is showing that herbs, are protective, against modern chronic diseases when taken as a mixed browse. Sage, fennel, onion greens, dandelion, mustard, oregano, rosemary, ginkgo, rose hip, turmeric, ginger, dill seed, gentian. All these, and more, are primitive plants, and have yet to be selectively bred for extra sugar, protein, starch, or fats. With the rise in our ability to breed calorie rich, but nutritionally deficient farm vegetables, other food values have been left out. Recent studies have shown that people who shift to the recommended five vegetables, and fruits gain only a disappointing three percent in over all health. When people return to herbs and vegetables as serious food, then our health will be improved far beyond three precent.

There are some sensate challenges to the ingestion of herbs. Our senses warn us that when something is bitter, sour, or tangy, that there may well be something toxic there to be spat out, and it is well that we have these instinctive protections against poisoning. But the bland farm food has put us into a mode of bulk eating that is on the other opposite extreme.

We evolved not to eat herbs in bulk like farm food, but together in small individual amounts and larger total amounts. Herbs taken this way as a browse contain the crucial antioxidant. anti arthritic, anti viral, anti inflammatory, anticancer compounds that we need.

Milling Equipment For Processing Herbs and Gains and Lowering Food Costs During inflationary Times

A large Diamant grain mill, nut butter machine, Vitamix, triple beam balance gram scale, and Mortar.

 If you live in an urban environment then get your herbs up high and out of the shade plane of buildings.
Plant tall herbs that will get above the shade plane of buildings. Once these plants get established they will require very little watering, and no weeding.

If the daylight plane is very high then consider making a tall platform for pots or plant sculptures. Note that to create a counter point vector for preventing shelf sag that I have put the stanchions back in from the ends of the shelf

 Here is my list of easy to grow and maintain herbs and vegetables.  Grow your own food and eat herbs not just the farm vegs that have all the virus, fungus and antioxidant genes bred out of them.  Why the cancer epidemic? The trend in studies is showing that cancers are promoted by viruses that live safely inside an invaded cell where they are safe from our immune system, and from there the stay safe while commanding the cell and themselves inside, to divide.  So we are eating farm food with many of the bitter, the natural anti virals bred out of them, and so are suffering the cancer epidemic. Plants like us, are a potential energy source for viruses, so it is logical, that native herbs have lots of anti virals in them.

tree collard, amaranth, chard, fennel, white sage, aloe, psyllium, berries, black currants (GLA)

References. In process.

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