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[[www.ebikes.ca]] All things about about motors and batteries

[[www.electricrider.com]] Crystalyte hub motors. I used the X-K4840P3-20R Phoenix 4840P Motor, 20" hub $1,139.99 and the 4808SRF Soneil 48V 4A Charger with XLR connector $90.00 for Proto #1.

[[www.terratrike.com]] Terratrike Cruiser tadpole recumbent

[[The Fetish]] Sexy, but an example of something too heavy

[[citycarshar.org]] car sharing for long distance travel, this can allow more people to live without owning an ICE for the occasional freeway trip.

[[Can we outlive our way of life?]] A scholarly paper that concludes that PEV solar electric powered vehicles are about 100x more efficient than biofuel + hybrid technology. This is even for heavy cars like the Fetish. Lightweight Human-EV hybrids are at least 10x again more efficient.

[[ezracers.com]] Three-wheel delta bike

An [[example]] of a bike homebuilt from two regular bike frames. Notice the very nice front suspension.

A nice [[thesis]] on Human-electric Hybrids.

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