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I am known as someone who finds solutions where others see none. References available upon request.

I integrate science, technology, and cultural to make opportunities for you.

Mr Impossible

I have experience in, earth systems, geology, vertebrate mega fauna paleontology, materials science, neolithic and modern stone sculpture, visual arts, video, nature writing, mining, geologic markers of climate change, botanical and geologic prospecting, land restoration, forestry, agriculture fertilizer inputs sourcing and integration, recycled materials development, ergonomic production facilities, minerals permit process, electric power systems, electric vehicles, and the hands on processing and design of plastics, molds models, metals, ceramics, health botanic recipes, anti fungal phyto chemicals, anti oxidant, composites, organics, colloids, gels, solids and liquids. I have cultural experience in social change, community and relationship innovations, that apply to economics, finance, business, family, and social networks. I am affectionately known as Mr "Impossible". I go where others say that's "Impossible".

My current project of the past several years is small electric vehicle design. Contact me. Mr "Impossible" Hourly or lump sum rates. Free intake assessments.

Not currently available. Check back for new contact person.

"Integrating the technical, cultural and artistic, for solutions".

Who We Are

Earth Systems Design is a community of technical colleagues, advisers and friends, around Stanford University, Silicon Valley, and beyond, who use whole systems analysis to look and create beyond the usual paradigm. We are a technical and artistic network, with a breadth that allows integration of a diversity of elements into design for turning problems into opportunities. A positive global result is our ultimate goal.

I am affectionately known as Mr "Impossible". Why? because I go where others say "THAT'S Impossible". Contact Daniel. AKA, Mr "Impossible" Hourly or lump sum rates. Free intake assessments. Other creative proposals welcome.

"Integrating the technical, cultural and artistic for solutions where none have gone before."

Mr "Impossible" Resume. Boy Geologist

Age 11 1963 Quote while standing in the sixth grade bus line with the school class president. "UM Chris excuse me but we need to take the enthusiasm that is currently in the space program, and put it toward energy conservation because if we dig up just a fraction of the fossil carbon and burn it, then we will overheat the planet and lower the amount of oxygen.

Boy Paleontologist Age 14-16 After reading the articles on the Leaky team in Africa in the National Geographic about their work in hominid paleontology I decided to fimd my own local mega fauna bone sites. After several years of field search and technical geological report readings nearly every day I found my fist bone and soon after that I found several productive "bone yards" in the Mulholland formation, and then invited a real graduate school paleontologist from UC Berkeley out to work with me at the sites and to teach me how to so field paleontology and some curating tasks. Ever since then I have preferred to learn from experts and advisers for a real result, instead of slogging though school routines. Come on by here, and I will show you a bone from the heaviest land mammal that ever existed. Most of the finds were donated to UC Berkeley. Picture here toot and bone.

Boy Sculptor. Stone containers for Bonkei, Bonsai and Orchids.

College. Much youthful confusion about Viet Nam, my draft status, my interest in pacifism and how to make a carreer that did not build the military industrial complex. Areas of inqiry were Ecology, Earth Systems and Human Culture.

Special Study Report. "Relic Sand Dune Topography Wetlands and Endemic Species and the Possible Protection, Preservation and Restoration of those Lands. "Or something like that amid the war concerns.

Junior Year College Drop Out. To start Rock Scapes a stone sculpture and mineral processing business with the main products being stone planters for Bonsai, and Bonkei. I ran a legal government permit quarry with hand tools, and my interest in energy conservation had led me to prospect, and find a type of stone that did not require any power tools to extract for work. I did all my carving with a very fast fun and effective ancient adze and carving knives and a hand saw. Pictures here. Concerned about dust into my lungs I discontinued the business though it was successful.

One year as a science teacher at a private school. Design and consulting of models and molds.

Two year plastics technology program at Laney College.

Flavonoid Research and mini lab. Investigations into the history of the science of flavonoids efficacy safety, and price structure of flavonoid based nutritional products. Consultant Stanford University. Affiliation Linus Pauling Institute.

Research and horticulture of useful perennial tree crops.

Medical Device Design. Redesign of durable medical hardware consumer products for greater reliability and efficacy.

Small electric vehicle Design. I supplemented my efforts with the guidance of several technical luminaries as advisers and visited and interviewed other EV builders.

Intensive readings of technical articles on materials science and how that relates to Global Warming.

Research in Psychology, child development, and neurology. The investigations of how self created education for low income people and others, best works with advisers, friends, family, and the internet. Deep friendships and friendship theory. Friendship circles uncover useful information that is not usually found for self improvement though more shallow relationships such as colleague or comrade, though they are useful for other purposes. Few take the time for deep friend for greater information in modern culture. Articles about the how and why of friendship are in progress on my blog at planet Thrive.

Geological and biological investigations and experiments for mineral and plant based non toxic low carbon foot print art and construction materials. Work with those who have chemical sensitivity for house and non toxic life support systems. Air and water filters, air handling, and medical equipment design and construction.

The whole integration of working and researching with all materials happens into one, and MR "Impossible" is born.

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