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==="Seeing Yuan Off on His Official Trip to Anxi" ===

Mourning rain in Weicheng dampens the dusty ground.
Willow trees give the in courtyard a fresh greenness.
Why not drink one more bowl of wine?
Beyond Yang Pass there are only strangers.

--from Laughing Lost in the Mountains: Poems of Wang Wei;
 translations by Tony Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, Xu Haixin.

This is my attempt at converting the Erhu and Yang-chen score into a midi file. It has some problems with the free tempos towards the end of the piece. I've also added a perhaps annoyingly metronomic rhythm part for practicing. Please modify it if you like. I created the midi on Linux using the Rosegarden score editor. I recommend listening to Jiebing Chen's rendition of the song for a true interpretation of the rhythm.

I apologize for the messy score. That's what they look like after I've worked with them for a while! As I get time, I'll post some more readable scores, perhaps typeset with Yean-Yow's 123 program. All the fingerings and bowings come from Jiebing Chen.

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