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N: ~[Nepenthes surigaoensis {auct. non Elm.: Y.Fukatsu}]
P: List of Nepenthes Hybr.:6 (1999)
S: =[[Nepenthes alata {Blanco}] * [Nepenthes merrilliana {Macf.}]]
C: later synonym of [Nepenthes merrilliata {Hort. ex Fleming}] but the latter name not published validly
N: [Nepenthes surigaoensis {Elm.}]
P: Leafl.8:2785 (1915)
T: trail from lake Danao to Mt.Urdaneta (Masay) summit, Cabadbaran, Agusan Prov., Mindanao, PH, 9. 1912, Ellmer 13705 p.p. (BO)
S: =[Nepenthes merrilliana {Macf.}]