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N: $[Drosera ' Big Easy ' {W.J.Clemens}]
P: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.33:84 (2004)
PW: www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v33n3p83_89.html#easy
S: =[Drosera regia {Stephens}]
Introducer: W.J.Clemens, Tucson, Arizona, USA, obtained commercially from "Marie's Orchids", 2000
Nominant: W.J.Clemens
Registrant: W.J.Clemens, 16. 9. 2003
HC: Registered 30. 12. 2004 {JS}
Description: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.33:84 (2004)
"Under my cultural conditions this clone [Drosera ' Big Easy ' {W.J.Clemens}] has been just that, big and easy to grow and propagate. It produces leaves a maximum of 23 cm (9 inches) long. It has never gone dormant, never flowered or even initiated a flower stalk. Several times I have managed to propagate it from leaf cuttings floating in jars of pure water. It readily initiates buds and plants on any and all pieces of severed root. I have propagated hundreds of plants this way and have traded them widely. Other than its ease of cultivation, which is its most distinctive characteristic, its compact size is a distinctive characteristic of this cultivar."
Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.33:87 (2004)
Etymology: after the ease of cultivation and propagation of this cultivar
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