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N: $[Drosera ' Albino ' {Borret & Farrow}]
P: J.Carniv.Pl.Soc. Autumn: (1989)
S: =[Drosera capensis {L.}]
B: R.Borret, Oxford; N.Farrow, Felixstowe, Suffolk, early 1988
Nominant: R.Borret & N.Farrow
Registrant: R.Borret & N.Farrow
HC: Registered 10. 11. 1998 {JS}
Description: J.Carniv.Pl.Soc. Autumn: (1989)
"After "growing-on" it became obvious that one plant was unusual for it presented a white flower and not the usual pink colour. The plant was propagated further by leaf cuttings and seed and was found to breed "true" (i.e. white flowers were produced). Another and probably more significant feature of the described form is the lack of red colouration in the leaves and tentacles under various lighting conditions, including strong sun."
Standard: Savage Garden:128 (1998), (only second plant from left)
Propagation: leaf cuttings & seed
Etymology: after the complete lack of anthocyanins
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