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N: +[Nepenthes glabrata {Turnbull & Middleton}]
P: Reinwardtia 10:107 (1984)
T: Tri Tunggal Eboni Corp. Lumber Conc., Celebes, ID, 31. 8. 1983, J.R.Turnbull & A.T.Middleton 83113a (BO)
L: ID (Celebes)
RLC: VU (D2)
C: 'glabratus'
image: nepenthe/0065: Cultivated plant
image: nepenthe/glab: Pitchers of a plant growing in a tree.
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N: ~[Nepenthes rubromaculata {auct. non Hort.Veitch ex Wilson: Kurata}]
P: J.Insectiv.Pl.Soc.(Japan) 35:42 (1984)
R: route from Malei to Kajoga, C Celebes, ID, 9. 11. 1983, Kurata, Atsumi & Komatsu 149a (NDC)
S: =[Nepenthes glabrata {Turnbull & Middleton}]
N: $[Nepenthes ' Joanne Holland ' {T.Gibson}]
P: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.18:120 (1989)
S: =[[Nepenthes glabrata {Turnbull & Middleton}] * [Nepenthes veitchii {Hook.f.}]]
B: T.Gibson, Univ.Wisconsin, Dept. of Botany, Madison, WI 53706, USA, 1986
Nominant: T.Gibson
Registrant: T.Gibson
C: priority for parentage
HC: Registered 10. 11. 1998 {JS}
Description: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.18:120 (1989)
"The overall appearance of [Nepenthes ' Joanne Holland ' {T.Gibson}] is intermediate between the parent species. Plants are vining and branched like [Nepenthes glabrata {Turnbull & Middleton}], but with larger pitchers with broadly flaring peristomes like [Nepenthes veitchii {Hook.f.}]. The distinctive pitchers are colorfully red-flecked."
Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.18:120 (1989)
Etymology: after Dr.Joanne Holland, Madison, Wisconsin
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