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N: ~[Nepenthes amabilis {Hort. ex Nichols.}]
P: Dict.of Gard.Suppl.:571 (1888)
S: =[[[Nepenthes rafflesiana {Jack}] * [Nepenthes ampullaria {Jack}]] * [Nepenthes rafflesiana {Jack}]]
GR: Excelsior Group {Fleming}
GRP: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.8:10 (1979)
B: Williams, 1886
C: later synonym of [Nepenthes hookeriana {Hort.Veitch ex Mast.}]
N: ~[Nepenthes amabilis {auct. non Hort. ex Nichols.: Wistuba, Gronem., Micheler, Marwinski, Gieray, Coritico & V.B.Amoroso}]
P: Plants 3:295 (2014)
T: trail from Barangay Mat-I (Municipality of Claveria) to the summit of Mt. Sumagaya, Bukidnon Province, Mindanao, PH, 19. 8. 2012, T.Gronemeyer & A.Wistuba (CMUH00008635)
S: =?[Nepenthes copelandii {Merr. ex Macf.}]