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N: $[Drosera ' Marston Dragon ' {Hort.Slack}]
P: Insect-Eat.Pl. & How to Grow Them:52 (1986)
S: =[Drosera binata {Labill.}]
B: A.Slack, Somerset, 1983
Nominant: A.Slack
Registrant: A.Slack
HC: Registered 29. 1. 2001 {JS}
Description: Insect-Eat.Pl. & How to Grow Them:52 (1986)
"Hybrid seedlings between the varieties (of [Drosera binata {Labill.}]) are seldom satisfactory, and I was fortunate in selecting one solitary seedling in 1983 which has proved itself to be of exceptional quality, and which I have named [Drosera ' Marston Dragon ' {Hort.Slack}]. Its pendulous stems are up to 36 cm (14 1/4 inches) long and bearblades the segments of which are as wide as those of [Drosera binata var. dichotoma {(Banks & Soland. ex Sm.) Mazrimas}], and are the largest I have seen in this section. They divide irregularly into two to eight points and are the same yellowish green as in [Drosera dichotoma {Banks & Soland. ex Sm.}] (sic!), but the reddish pink tentacles render them more attractive. A curious characteristic of the blade is the manner in which the segments spread sideways, often to a great length, the points curving round and clutching the air like talons, the whole reminding one very much of the feet of a chinese dragon. The flowers are large and are borne on long straight scapes, but again hardly seem to suit the weeping habit, especially if the plant is in a hanging basket, and I always remove them. In every respect I advise the same treatment as for [Drosera binata f. extrema {Hort. ex Gilbert}] (nom.nud.)."
Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.29:105 (2000)
Etymology: after the originator's establishment Marston Exotics, Somerset, England
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